Often asked: How To Balance A Camera On A Sachtler Tripod Head?

What is tripod balancing?

2. Place the Camera on the Tripod. With the camera in place, set any fluid drag and counter weights to 0. Then aim the camera at the rough height you will be shooting, i.e. above the tripod or below the level of the camera. Slide the camera forward and backwards until it is roughly balanced by itself.

Why should you balance your camera on your tripod when shooting video?

Granted, there may be specific shots for which you want the camera to be out of balance, such as a tilt up from looking straight down. That is a matter of taste. However, for most your work, balancing your camera setup on your tripod will make for smoother operating and an easier shooting day.

How does a fluid tripod head work?

The accurate definition of a fluid head: A head, made for tripods and monopods, that contains a fluid chamber within its design, to dampen the sudden movements and vibrations of the camera, in order to get smooth video pans and smooth tracking.

What is a fluid head tripod?

A fluid head tripod has fluid cartridges inside it. These fluids provide resistance to motion when we are moving the mounted camera. Further, the resistance dampens the motion when we are panning. When we are about to stop the pan, the dampening allows almost even braking so that there are no visible shakes.

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What does a tripod spreader do?

Spreaders do the opposite of what their name implies, and keep the legs from spreading all the way out. They allow you to control the height and stability of the tripod legs. Spreaders can be removed when shooting on soft ground, and the tripod legs’ foot spikes driven into the ground.

Where are Sachtler tripods made?

After a pair of moves, since 2004 Sachtler GmbH has been located in Eching near Munich. Sachtler has 150 employees worldwide and is represented by retailers in more than 140 countries. The company has production facilities in Germany, Costa Rica and Great Britain.

What is a fixed tripod?

This is the most basic way of taking pictures, so simple a child could do it (see these pictures taken by a nine-year-old from rocketroberts.com) It involves pointing a camera at the sky and taking a picture, you don’t need a telescope.

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